May 18, 2012

sprucing up blogger with an image title

I the new blogger templates and how easy they are to use, but there are times when I wished the templates on offer had a little more oomph! here and there; like a cute image to the title. So, I decided to Google how to and found a nifty little website with the simplest of instructions at Blogger Tricks.

All you need to do is: 
# Create a 40 x 40 pixel image preferably in .png format and transparent if your background isn't white.
# Upload it to Picasa and get the direct link to the image.
# Follow the instructions provided at Blogger Tricks, save your template and you're done!

{ Note : If you are not very computer savvy and find codes to be an alien languague, be sure to save your template first. You can always revert back to how things were if something somehow went wrong. }

I'm totally -ing my little blue bird now and I hope you're having fun adding some spice to your blog!