May 7, 2012

spending a week in kl!

Incriminating photo of the little munchkin enjoying a whole tube of Pringles. Her gramps will not be very happy so this mama have been getting her to drink more water to compensate her sour cream and onion breath.

The in-laws booked a week long vacation to Hong Kong and Macau so I took a couple of days off work and decided to spend the entire week in KL with hubby ... of course our little girl came along while they were off trotting.

I didn't get to go anywhere much because dearest husband was working most of the time but during the weekend, he decided to take lil' Ee to the zoo; much to my discomfort but oh well, why not since our little girl hasn't been to a zoo before.

With papa at the Zoo Negara's aquarium; the only and only place where mama found some hidden energy to snap some photos on her iPhone. Pregnant women and hot weather don't go together very well.

All tired out and fell asleep on her own in the coolness of our air-conditioned car on the way home.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Was cooped up in the house most of time chasing the little munchkin around. But when the inlaws came back, we all headed to Jogoya again and I got to enjoy a little bit of everything.

Papa, the baby and marshmallows.

Lil' Ee enjoying her marshmallow still and a huge bear hug from mama.

Getting even more marshmallows only this time dipped in chocolate fondue.
Good grief! This kid loves her sugar.

And I finally got my Dome Ekspreski fix before heading back home.