April 20, 2012

admitted ... again

Lil' Ee was admitted to the pediatrics ward very late last night for high fever, again. This would be her fourth hospital admission since birth. We admitted her to a different specialist hospital this time because the one where her usual pediatrician is at isn't listed in my company's medical panel list.

Dr. Daniel, her new pediatrician decided to try something different and gave her a stronger dose of antibiotics to try kill off all the bacteria because my baby girl kept having bouts of high fever every two weeks or so.

Her admission history was also pretty much similar, high fever and dehydration with no concrete diagnosis even after all the blood work done except for the one time where she was actually diagnosed with tonsillitis.

I'm super, super proud of my baby girl today. She was very brave and did not throw a tantrum whenever the nurses came by to check on her temperature and her stats. She also drank her medicine with no fuss at all and said "Thank You!". I think the nurses were quite smitten by her. I am but then I'm her mum; I'm allowed and will always to be biased.

There wasn't a television in her room so she kept herself occupied watching either "Mama Mia" (her current favourite movie) and her "Baby Songs" re-runs that dearest husband downloaded for her. She also took a nap every few hours which allowed me to sneak in a few hours of zzz too.

Watching "Mama Mia" again with her teddy bear on mummy's laptop.

She'll probably need to stay an extra day and if she doesn't have another fever attack, she'll be able to go home day after tomorrow. Here's also hoping that this would be the final time she needs a hospital admission because it really tough for me to watch my baby girl go through her meds and hospital stay.

On the brighter note, a colleague of mine managed to get a hold of my baby girl's favourite characters - Angry Birds themed pau which totally made her day. Perfect timing!

Thank you Aunty Vanessa for remembering my Angry Birds pau!