April 20, 2012

admitted ... again

Lil' Ee was admitted to the pediatrics ward very late last night for high fever, again. This would be her fourth hospital admission since birth. We admitted her to a different specialist hospital this time because the one where her usual pediatrician is at isn't listed in my company's medical panel list.

Dr. Daniel, her new pediatrician decided to try something different and gave her a stronger dose of antibiotics to try kill off all the bacteria because my baby girl kept having bouts of high fever every two weeks or so.

Her admission history was also pretty much similar, high fever and dehydration with no concrete diagnosis even after all the blood work done except for the one time where she was actually diagnosed with tonsillitis.

I'm super, super proud of my baby girl today. She was very brave and did not throw a tantrum whenever the nurses came by to check on her temperature and her stats. She also drank her medicine with no fuss at all and said "Thank You!". I think the nurses were quite smitten by her. I am but then I'm her mum; I'm allowed and will always to be biased.

There wasn't a television in her room so she kept herself occupied watching either "Mama Mia" (her current favourite movie) and her "Baby Songs" re-runs that dearest husband downloaded for her. She also took a nap every few hours which allowed me to sneak in a few hours of zzz too.

Watching "Mama Mia" again with her teddy bear on mummy's laptop.

She'll probably need to stay an extra day and if she doesn't have another fever attack, she'll be able to go home day after tomorrow. Here's also hoping that this would be the final time she needs a hospital admission because it really tough for me to watch my baby girl go through her meds and hospital stay.

On the brighter note, a colleague of mine managed to get a hold of my baby girl's favourite characters - Angry Birds themed pau which totally made her day. Perfect timing!

Thank you Aunty Vanessa for remembering my Angry Birds pau!

April 14, 2012

my first fancy cupcake attempt

A year ago today I attempted my first cupcake with fancy icing piped on top and fondant ladybugs for a party my dearest husband was throwing for his colleagues ... soon to be ex-colleagues since he's thrown in his resignation letter a few weeks ago.

I cheated with this batch of cupcakes and used store bought butter cake mix. I sucked at baking cakes then {still do now} and the negative comments I've received from "some parties" {instead of supportive ones} have sort of thwarted any attempt in improving my baking from scratch style. I think I'll need a few more months or years of recovery.

The icing was made from scratch after reviewing various and I do mean a lot of various recipes and I decided on a simple green mint frosting because I was itching to a garden themed batch of cupcakes. Mixing the colors on the icing was easy with Wilton's gel paste but to get the colours just right on the fondant ladybug was murder especially trying to knead the colours in in our ridiculously warm and humid weather.

However, my dearest husband was very impressed and so were his colleague so there's a silver lining at the end of this baking adventure of mine. If I can say so myself, my first batch turned out pretty nicely even for store bought cake mix *cough! cough!*.

April 9, 2012

we're having a boy!

God made the world out of His dreams;
Of magic mountains, oceans and streams.
Prairies and plains and wooded land;

He paused and thought,
“ I need someone to stand …”
“… on top of the mountains and to conquer the seas;”
“… explore the plains and climb the trees;”
“… someone to start out small and begin to grow;”
“… sturdy and strong as a tree can be.”
And so He created lil’ boys, full of spirit and fun.
To explore and conquer, to romp and run.
With dirty faces and banged up chins.
With courageous hearts and boyish grins.
{credit: image taken from felix doolittle}

April 3, 2012

second trimester and still exhausted!

When I was 8 weeks pregnant, my mother-in-law told me that the nausea and exhaustion will get better when I'm in my second trimester ... somewhere between weeks 12 to 14.

When I was 12 weeks pregnant, my nausea slowly faded and by week 14, it was almost non-existant but I had to be careful with what I ate. Fair enough if my little bean don't like sour and fried foods, I get to control my weight gain a little.

When I was week 13, my colleagues told me that the lingering exhaustion I was still suffering from will be replaced with a boost of energy soon particularly in the middle of my second trimester.

I’m now 16 weeks pregnant, almost a month into my second trimester and the Energizer Bunny that everyone has been raving about is still playing truant, MIA, lost ... whatever you wanna call it because I am still exhausted!

I’m super tired by mid-morning and when the clock chimes 2pm, I can hardly keep my eyes open so I’m constantly doing the nod-and-spring-back head motion every 30 minutes or so. In between I keep myself awake because my bladder would be screaming out for a toilet break.

Flashback ...

I was extremely sleepy in my first trimester when I was pregnant with lil' Ee but once I hit the 12 week mark, I managed to survive the next two trimesters without nodding off in the office and like some X-Files of pregnancy, I didn’t have the urge to nap or sleep until almost 11pm every single night. Hubby thought I was on high on pregnancy-steroid-typed hormones of something.

Oddly enough, this seem to be lil' Ee's zzz habit now. She doesn’t like to sleep. If she had her way, she’d spend every minute playing even when she can hardly keep her eyes open. Needless to say, this has resulted in this momma being sleep deprived from the minute she was born which may explain why I’m so tired this time around. But I’m also hoping that the zzz pattern I’m experiencing now is an indication that our little bean to sleep.

Either that or I am screwed … very. Can you imagine how much $$ I've invested in eye-creams?!

April 2, 2012

fluffy pillows, niagara showers and bacon

I’d love a vacation right … about … now. I’d go anywhere, as long as there’s a big huge comfortable bed with fluffy pillows and covers, a shower where the water flows like the Niagara falls and there’s bacon for breakfast. I’m easy to please, right? But it’s quite difficult getting hubby to agree to a getaway when he’s got his head stuck in a calculator.

It’s exhausting bringing up a toddler on my own, especially when she’s in her terrible twosome’s stage where every single thing must be done to her specification or a hissy fit of Titanic proportions will ensue. Although lil' Ee is learning to tone down her hissy fits with each one she starts, she is still only two years old and still has quite a bit of reasoning skills to master. This momma’s going give her until she’s three before throwing a hissy fit of her own. But it has been totally tiring me out especially since I’m now pregnant (again) and holding a full-time job at the same time.

Although any vacation I do take now will include both hubby, lil' Ee and our new addition to the family in September, just the thought of not having to pick up after the both of them or clean up after meals or making the beds over and over again just for a day sounds really dreamy (include that big huge comfortable bed with fluffy pillows and covers, a shower where the water flows like the Niagara falls and most importantly bacon in the picture and … utterly heavenly.)

With the in-laws on a week long vacation at end of the month, Adrianna and I will be in KL so I’m hoping hubby remembers my “mini vacation” wish. Here’s to crossed fingers (and toes while I can still see and reach ‘em).