March 28, 2012

yosemite and dances with wolves

While spring cleaning my pen drive hoping to squeeze some new songs from Glee (I am a Gleek), I stumbled on a song I haven’t played since 2010 and decided to load it on my iPod. Now I’m wishing and hoping that I was in Yosemite National Park instead of sitting infront of my computer at work proof reading reports and replying emails – especially when the chorus of the song hits.

And what’s the darn song that I’ve played about half a dozen times on rewind? John Dunbar’s theme from Dances with Wolves (the orchestral version).

I know, {rolls eyes}. But picture driving down the picturesque roads of Yosemite National Park along Tioga Pass, when you take a left turn right after Olmstead Point and the extremely calm waters of Tenaya Lake with snowcapped mountains in the backdrop hits you - just when the chorus begins. Or imagine listening to this song when the chorus comes on and you look out of the window and see Tunnel View majestically right in front of you. You’d get goose-bumps too!

{I forget where I downloaded this image from. Sorry!}

When hubby first played this song, I was in the middle of planning our 2010 month long vacation to the US and the first thought that sprung into my mind was that it would be the absolute perfect song to play when we drove along the Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, we completely forgot about the song when we got there because we were all (especially my dad-in-law) too busy getting our breath taken away and totally awed by the beauty of the park and literally jumping in and out of our rental to admire the view and soak it all in.

Hubby and I were planning to make a return trip to the West Coast of the US end of next year, kind of like a second honeymoon without any kids or in-laws tagging along but we may have to postpone it another year with arrival of our little bean in September. Oh well, an extra year of planning and saving up but Yosemite National Park, we’ll be seeing you soon equipped with John Dunbar’s theme.