March 19, 2012

week 14!

Hello second semester! Although the last 13 weeks the medical world termed as the first trimester was not as tough on me as when I was pregnant with Adrianna back in 2009, the nausea and exhaustion combination were still brutal enough to make me hate pregnancy and wish September would come already. Now that I’m into week 14 with another 26 weeks to go, pregnancy doesn’t seem so bad. Part of it was also due to my in-laws who’s made it easier by offering to take care and spoil my little baby girl rotten a couple of nights a week while I got the rest I needed after a long day in the office.

My baby bump has definitely popped and my nausea has substantially subsided since I’ve learned (quite painfully in the last 8 weeks) which food to avoid or risk a full blown extreme-nausea-to-the-point-of-throwing-up episode towards the end of the day. I am however still exhausted especially after a full day in the office or after a trip out for a meal or groceries with the family. What’s new is the Braxton Hicks contractions which have started to be more pronounced and feeling my little bean squirm and nudge up a storm towards the end of week 13.

I’m now looking forward to week 20; my pregnancy halfway point in about 7 weeks’ time where hubby will be taking me and baby girl to celebrate in a swanky Japanese buffet restaurant in KL I’ve been itching to go to even before I got pregnant {!}.

Can’t wait!