March 20, 2012

google thinks it's blue

When I was pregnant with lil' Ee, I knew from the start that it’d be a pink pregnancy all the way even before my gynae confirmed it at week 20. With this pregnancy, I’m quite certain that it’ll be a blue pregnancy but as the weeks add up, my mind is starting to turn on me and now I’m sort of in between blue and pink; kind of like bluish shades of purple.

My next ultrasound will be on 10 April so hopefully by then, my gynae will be able to confirm a color. I’m not gender picky; good gosh absolutely no. I just want a healthy and happy baby with not too much drama when it’s time to give birth. Luckily, my in-laws aren’t gender picky either and share the same sentiment as I do. If it’s a boy, it’ll be an added bonus; if it’s a girl, we’ll be saving a whole load of money. It’s a win-win situation.

But until 10 April, I have scoured the Internet for old wives’ gender tales to help ease my traitorous thoughts and I found quite a stack load. Looks like Google thinks I’ll be having a boy what with daddy gaining weight alongside me, my salt cravings, the sleeping on my side theory, my sudden development of butter fingers, my constant dry hands, my lack of face puffiness (but I think that’s because I’ve been drinking loads of water daily) and the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar but I think I’ll wait out my 3 weeks until my next appointment.