February 3, 2012

pregnancy and being lucky?

So I found out I was pregnant the second time around less than two weeks ago and I've only told one other person in my office because I'd need her help from time to time, especially when I disappear to the loo (or at least anticipate that I would) in the next few months.

Tonight, we had our company's annual dinner and as always, there were lucky draw prizes up for grabs. My colleague commented that being pregnant at a lucky draw is good luck and I might win the grand prize. Since I've never won anything before in my life, I didn't think much of the wide screen teevos or the grand prize of an iPad 2 16gb WIFI in Apple's iconic white. I'll always be just "that close" to winning it.

Besides, Adrianna already has a black 16gb non-WIFI one because this mummy was crazy enough to wake up at 3.30 am on a work day to line up for a unit the day the iPad 2 was launched in Ipoh at ITWorld last year.

But guess what! I won the grand prize just because my boss went home early and missed the draw by a few minutes. Ironic but totally made my Chinese New Year this year. Perhaps being pregnant with a dragon baby is good luck and being married to a dragon hubby adds more oomph! to it ... maybe I attempt buying the lottery next.

My unboxed brand spanking new iconic white 16gb iPad with WIFI.