February 22, 2012

philips avent newborn starter set - pp

I know I technically still have a little over 7 months to plan and shop but in my defense, I am a very excited bloated pregnant women with extreme sleepiness and if I have to look at another report, my head will come crashing down onto the keyboard and you'll literally hear snoring from wherever you may be sitted. So yes, I need to blog about shopping even if it is for my little bean to keep me sane and awake, even if for the next couple of minutes.

Little bena's wish list #1 ... the feeding bottles. Although I intend to breastfeed little bean when he/she is born, my experience of breastfeeding Adrianna wasn't a successful or a very good one. I was exhausted and partly because of the exhaustion, I had little to no supply of milk. To make things worse, I was completely stressed out too because the family kept asking why I had no supply ... even until today. Lesson learned: exhaustion and stress is NOT the road to travel when you need to be like a mama cow.

In trying not to make that same mistake twice, I have made plans to:
  1. Rest as much as possible this time around.
  2. Eat more lactogenic foods/herbs.
  3. Binge on Earth Mama and Angel Baby's Milkmaid Tea postpartum.
Hopefully, you've got a mama moo moo in the making in approximately 7.5 months {wish me luck!}.

With that said, if I were to keep up with my mama moo moo making plans and keep sane, I will still need feeding bottles for the times I {most definately} will either voluntarily or involuntarily fall asleep to the point even the loudest thunder struck by the mighty Zeus himself can stir me. Yes, I also have been known to sleep to that extent; a point which was proven true just this Monday morning.

I've tried many different brands of feeding bottles from babySIL, Dr. Browns, Safety+ to First Years and although all they fit two of my criterias {BPA free and anti-colic}, they failed quite badly in my third {easy to clean and assemble} until I gave in and bought Philips Avent feeding bottles. Initially, I refused to buy the brand because I was told they sold non-BPA free bottles rejected by developed countries as BPA free bottles in Malaysia. They were expensive too but like I said, I caved and for the little bean, Philips Avent it still is.

And here's what I'll be getting: the Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set PP at NRP of RM189 comprising of:

  • 2 x 4 oz Feeding Bottle.
  • 2 x 9 oz Feeding Bottle.
  • 2 x Newborn Flow Nipple (Extra Soft).
  • 1 x Newborn Pacifier.
  • 1 x Bottle and Teat Brush.
If I were to purchase the items separately, it'd come up to a total of around RM235 so a saving of about RM46 is not too bad. I can roll it over to a proper diaper bag from Skip*Hop {insert evil laughter here while hubby rolls his eyes at me}.