February 29, 2012

everything seems to fast!

I look like a zombie-fied waddling midget when I am pregnant. I’m in the middle of my 11th week now and sporting a small baby bump, some say it’s because this is my second pregnancy and women who have given birth before tend to show a little early. I just attribute it to gas and extreme bloating; a common pregnancy symptom that has plagued me since I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, so all in all, I have been a walking gas tank for about 6 weeks now and it doesn’t seem to show any signs of dissipating no matter how much water I drink a day and how careful I am with the food I take.

Back to the topic at hand; looking like a zombie-fied waddling midget. I can still walk normally but suspect I’ll be getting into the act of waddling when my belly actually pops in a couple of weeks. Everything with this pregnancy feels so accelerated and here’s my list of why I feel it’s so.

Fact #1: With Adrianna (she’ll be three in July but she’ll always be my little baby girl), I didn’t even realized I was pregnant until I was 8 weeks because I had no pregnancy symptoms at all, except for extreme sleepiness which didn’t kick-in until end of week 6. Even then, I didn’t put two and two together and figured it was because I was exhausted from all the photography shoots and photo editing I was doing then. I only suspected I was after trying to recall my last period and came up blank. Now with the little bean, I suspected I was pregnant by week 5 and by then exhaustion and nausea had already kicked in a few days prior.

Fact #2: The nausea in the first pregnancy started from week 8 and stopped around week 13, exhaustion unfortunately never left. This time around, nausea kicked-in around week 5 and although it’s starting to get better at the end of week 10, it does hit hard especially in the evenings if I’m not careful with what I eat during the day. Exhaustion … still here.

Fact #3: My baby bump did not show up in my first pregnancy until about week 20 but I’ve got a discernible bump now and although I blame gas and bloating, it’s has been there since week 8 and growing a tad every day.

So now, my main concern is if my little bean will come early. Adrianna was born at 38 weeks and I only labored for 4 hours and 45 minutes (I know. Me freak.) I hope my little bean will stay in until at least 38 weeks and isn’t as impatient as its big sister to meet the world but feel free to reduce Momma’s labor time in half. Momma don't function well in pain.

February 26, 2012

giving birth to my baby girl

I currently hold the title of fastest labor and birth in my entire family; 4 hours and 45 minutes from the moment I woke up and realized I was having contractions until I held Adrianna in my arms for the first time without no pain medication. I know, I know, I am a freak of sorts especially since this was my first baby.

With that said, my family thinks my second labor will be half the time so plans have been made from the moment everyone found out I was pregnant on how to best rush me to the hospital when my contractions began. I know, I know ... paranoid.

But let’s rewind back to the early morning of Monday, 13 July 2009. It was exactly 2.30am when I woke up and decided to waddle to the bathroom because I thought nature was calling with a ferocious "tummy ache" (it really did feel like that and I thought eating a tad too much durian earlier in the day caused it) but it was nothing more than a wee trickle each time for about three to four times, each "tummy ache" lasting about 60 seconds, 10 to 14 minutes apart. I didn’t realize they were labor contractions, I really did think they were just an upset tummy but I decided to time them, just in case. Until this day I didn’t quite know why I did. Maybe I was just tired from waiting and just decided to, kind of like giving myself a sense of hope that there's light at the end of this bloated tunnel. I know, I know ... weird.

I suppose I would have continued waddling to and fro from the bed to the bathroom if I hadn’t accidentally kicked my sleeping hubby around the fifth time I tried to scoot off the bed. It was almost 3.30am by then and although the contractions were still bearable, they were 8 to 10 minutes apart from each other.  I’d say it was a “3” on a pain scale of “10”.

I guess I was in denial that I was in labor. I know, I know, smack your palms on your forehead and say “duh!”. I had good reason, you know. After 8 months of stalking all things birthing day and night, I thought either my mucus plug would dislodge first, or have a bloody show or the mother of all first signs of labor; the water bag breaking but none of these happened! So naturally, I figured it must be something I ate earlier because I did have quite a bit of durians washed down with a few cups of milk. I know, I know, not the best of combinations but it was really nice durian season that year. Besides, the contractions did feel like nature calling.

Fast forward 5.30am, my contractions were still 8 to 10 minutes apart but have gone up a few notches on my pain scale from a “3” a couple of hours earlier to a “6”. So, hubby woke the in-laws up and told them it was time and drove me to the hospital where he managed to drive over every single bump and pothole on the road.

I got to hospital at about 6.00am and by then, I could hardly stand  when the contractions hit and had to be wheel-chaired in. I felt like royalty, a huge beached-whale look-a-like royalty in pain. My contractions were still 8 to 10 minutes apart but by then I had the strongest urge to push. The nurses got me changed, prepped and ready for delivery but since I wasn’t quite fully dilated yet they gave me an injection to help speed things along and it really did because the contractions were about a solid “8” on my pain scale then. I was told to lie on my side, close my legs and be calm until the doctor got in, in about 10 to 15 minutes.

I remember the nurses asking if I wanted anything for the pain and I remember saying no. I wasn’t being brave. Trust me, I was so out of it that I didn’t know what I wanted except to get the baby out. Luckily, I did discuss the option of pain relieve with hubby and I told him that I didn’t want epidural or anything of the sort because I didn’t want to harm baby unless the doctor said otherwise. As much as it pained him to see me in so much pain, he confirmed with the nurse again that I didn’t want any pain relieve.

So there I was, lying on my side, legs closed with painful contractions (about an “9” on my pain scale now) every 5 minutes or so with hubby sitting next to me rubbing my back. It felt like forever but it was only 10 minutes before I was wheeled into the delivery room at 7.00am and after 3 pushes, I was holding Adrianna in my arms at 7.15am. I delivered the placenta, stitched up for a 1cm episiotomy, cleaned up and got changed into clean clothes by 7.30am and snoring in my own private room by 7.45am. Got to love my gynecologist and his team of super-efficient nurses.

4 hours and 45 minutes. I know, I know ... freaky. Seriously, the super short labor time didn’t even hit me until a few months later. I suppose it was my body’s way of handling pain by blocking out time so I wouldn’t stress out. The in-laws were still asleep when I delivered because no one expected me to pop so quickly. My MIL still thinks I’m super freaky for delivering so quickly since everyone in my family and hubby’s had s history of super long labor times.

I like to think I was just blessed.

February 22, 2012

philips avent newborn starter set - pp

I know I technically still have a little over 7 months to plan and shop but in my defense, I am a very excited bloated pregnant women with extreme sleepiness and if I have to look at another report, my head will come crashing down onto the keyboard and you'll literally hear snoring from wherever you may be sitted. So yes, I need to blog about shopping even if it is for my little bean to keep me sane and awake, even if for the next couple of minutes.

Little bena's wish list #1 ... the feeding bottles. Although I intend to breastfeed little bean when he/she is born, my experience of breastfeeding Adrianna wasn't a successful or a very good one. I was exhausted and partly because of the exhaustion, I had little to no supply of milk. To make things worse, I was completely stressed out too because the family kept asking why I had no supply ... even until today. Lesson learned: exhaustion and stress is NOT the road to travel when you need to be like a mama cow.

In trying not to make that same mistake twice, I have made plans to:
  1. Rest as much as possible this time around.
  2. Eat more lactogenic foods/herbs.
  3. Binge on Earth Mama and Angel Baby's Milkmaid Tea postpartum.
Hopefully, you've got a mama moo moo in the making in approximately 7.5 months {wish me luck!}.

With that said, if I were to keep up with my mama moo moo making plans and keep sane, I will still need feeding bottles for the times I {most definately} will either voluntarily or involuntarily fall asleep to the point even the loudest thunder struck by the mighty Zeus himself can stir me. Yes, I also have been known to sleep to that extent; a point which was proven true just this Monday morning.

I've tried many different brands of feeding bottles from babySIL, Dr. Browns, Safety+ to First Years and although all they fit two of my criterias {BPA free and anti-colic}, they failed quite badly in my third {easy to clean and assemble} until I gave in and bought Philips Avent feeding bottles. Initially, I refused to buy the brand because I was told they sold non-BPA free bottles rejected by developed countries as BPA free bottles in Malaysia. They were expensive too but like I said, I caved and for the little bean, Philips Avent it still is.

And here's what I'll be getting: the Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set PP at NRP of RM189 comprising of:

  • 2 x 4 oz Feeding Bottle.
  • 2 x 9 oz Feeding Bottle.
  • 2 x Newborn Flow Nipple (Extra Soft).
  • 1 x Newborn Pacifier.
  • 1 x Bottle and Teat Brush.
If I were to purchase the items separately, it'd come up to a total of around RM235 so a saving of about RM46 is not too bad. I can roll it over to a proper diaper bag from Skip*Hop {insert evil laughter here while hubby rolls his eyes at me}.

February 3, 2012

pregnancy and being lucky?

So I found out I was pregnant the second time around less than two weeks ago and I've only told one other person in my office because I'd need her help from time to time, especially when I disappear to the loo (or at least anticipate that I would) in the next few months.

Tonight, we had our company's annual dinner and as always, there were lucky draw prizes up for grabs. My colleague commented that being pregnant at a lucky draw is good luck and I might win the grand prize. Since I've never won anything before in my life, I didn't think much of the wide screen teevos or the grand prize of an iPad 2 16gb WIFI in Apple's iconic white. I'll always be just "that close" to winning it.

Besides, Adrianna already has a black 16gb non-WIFI one because this mummy was crazy enough to wake up at 3.30 am on a work day to line up for a unit the day the iPad 2 was launched in Ipoh at ITWorld last year.

But guess what! I won the grand prize just because my boss went home early and missed the draw by a few minutes. Ironic but totally made my Chinese New Year this year. Perhaps being pregnant with a dragon baby is good luck and being married to a dragon hubby adds more oomph! to it ... maybe I attempt buying the lottery next.

My unboxed brand spanking new iconic white 16gb iPad with WIFI.