January 1, 2012

a new calendar for a new year

It’s officially 2012 and I spent the first day of the brand spanking new year cuddling up to hubby and my little baby girl, ate breakfast in bed courtesy of hubby and then lazed around the rest of the day designing a coffee table book of our US vacation in 2010 and stalking the Internet for creative ideas for the home. Oh, and I finally made a proper batch of macaroons with chocolate mint filling; feet and all. So some of them were shaped like amoebas but at least hubby and Adrianna loved them!

Hubby and I or we, as he likes to call it (however, meaning mostly me) will be embarking on quite a huge project this year; redesigning one of the rooms which is now our “workspace” into Adrianna's very own room. It definitely gives me more reasons to hang out more with the Internet {grin!}.

Here’s what I found today. Totally off topic from baby’s room décor but the perfect post for the first day of 2012. A very sharp and vibrantly coloured calendar from Love vs. Design. I printed it on heavy card stock and framed it in an Ikea frame. Perfect!

Happy New Year!

Download calendar { here }