January 20, 2012

introducing our little bean

Went in to see the gynae this morning to confirm that those two little lines on both (I bought another kit the next day just to be sure) tests were real. After a bit of gentle prodding, there was our little one or the little bean; a nickname hubby gave to our new baby. I'm about 3.5 to 4 weeks along here and was told to take it easy, get loads of rest since the first trimester was the most critical period, not to forget my daily dose of folic acid, come in two weeks and sent me on my way.

He also have me the first photo of our baby which I scanned, printed out and inserted it into an angpow (red packet) for Adrianna to give to the grandparents as an announcement that they were going to be grandparents ... again, during the first day of Chinese New Year next week. Can't wait!