December 22, 2011

super simple air freshener

Every year I spend a small fortune trying to get my house smelling nice and welcoming and today, I found out I could have actually bought myself a brand spanking new Gucci bag for Christmas this year because I already had all the ingredients I needed to make my very own air freshener and it looks a million times better than the ones I bought. Talk about being ripped off!

Thanks to Craft Gawker who lead me to a particular { post } in The Burlap Bag. Turned out all I needed was:

# a container; I chose an empty glass jam jar because I had tons of those lying around.
# baking soda.
# essential oil; I absolutely  mint and it's absolutely perfect for the holiday season.
# aluminium foil.

You can see how it's all put together { here }. I  it when I open the door and the scent of peppermint fills the entire house. Yup, it's that potent!