December 23, 2011

gingerbread crayon

Day 5 of missing my little baby girl but I also hope she's enjoying herself and have lots of stories to tell and photos to show when she comes home in a little less than a week, in time for New Years.

So to make up for Christmas, I've been planning out a few DIY projects based around her current favourite things; one of which are crayons. Baby isn't nuts about crayons but she to draw and since her collection of brand new colourful rayons have now turned into broken little bits and pieces, I decided to surprise her with a little project I found based off Torie Jayne's gingerbread crayon which she made as part of her stocking fillers. 

Image from Torie Jayne

Here's what you need and check out the instructions { here }.
# an oven - checked!
# crayons - checked!
# a mould - and off the supply shop I shall go after work today ...

Check out another alternative method of making your own customized shaped crayons from Simply Notable!