December 12, 2011

the baby and christmas spices

This will be Adrianna's second Christmas and I wanted to start a little Christmas tradition with her; decorating the Christmas tree together. The Christmas tree was up and the lights were all strung but the ornaments have somehow mysteriously gone missing except for a set of hand crafted Disney characters all decked out in their Christmas best we bought from Disneyland Anaheim last year. 

So I got my jar of cinnamon and star anise out of the fridge, brought the ribbons and tube of glue out from my crafty drawers, got comfortable in front of the television and as predicted, Adrianna came running over with teddy in tow. Naturally curious (and all toddlers are), Adrianna started with her barrage of questions. So I sat her down, told her that our Christmas tree is feeling a little lonely so we were going dress it up, make it smell nice and yummy and her face lit up.

Here's how we made our cinnamon and star anise Christmas ornament:
  1. Pick out two to three sticks of cinnamon and one star anise.
  2. Glue the cinnamon sticks together and wait for the glue to set.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 15" long, place the glued cinnamon sticks on the center and tie a reef knot. You can opt for a longer of shorter ribbon but since the ribbon I used was about 1" wide, I figured 15" was the perfect length for my 4' tree.
  4. Glue the star anise to the side of the reef knot so when you hang the ornament, the star anise will be front facing instead of upward facing.
  5. Knot the ends of the ribbons together and your spiced christmas ornament is all set to be hung off the branches of your Christmas tree.