November 28, 2011

breakfast at kong heng

We've frequented Kopitiam for breakfast for the longest time so hubby decided it was time we went back to the original kopitiam for breakfast - Kong Heng in Ipoh's old town.

Hubby's usual breakfast drink ... iced white coffee.

Kong Heng's signature custard, although I have to admit ... it tastes a tad different.

Bubs wanted her "brown noodles" so brown noodles she got. Literally.
At least she finished them.

Admittedly, I only come to Kong Heng for this. Satay!

Yummy thick satay sauce, although it's not as good as when it was cooked by the original chef - the dad who no longer mends the stall anymore.

"Kai See Hor Fun" or a direct translation of chicken strip noodled.
Just try not to see look at the chopping board and you'll be fine

Bubs enjoying her fishball - she's in a fishball phase at the moment. Papa tried to get her to eat some tofu and some fried lobak but to no avail ... tofu it shall be then, and her brown noodles.

What's breakfast without a little drama; something that happens frequently according to a friend of mine who frequents the place ... employer and employee in a heated argument only this time over order queues. Quite enjoyable although I wish we weren't seated so near - we were right next to them. Luckily there were no waving of cleavers and such or kung fu moves.