November 20, 2011

27th - 29th oct: anaheim to williams

After Disneyland, I felt like anywhere else we went just could not compare but we did have a schedule and we were going to some of the most beautiful places on earth that many could only see on the telly while we on the other hand was going to see it with our very own eyes.

So after literally building a bear for Adrianna at the two-storey furry frenzy that is Downtown Disney's Build-A-Bear Workshop, all of us piled into our trusty Toyota Sienna and made a bee line for the Grand Canyon National Park. The drive again was unevently because yours truly was still jet-lagged and after the two-day high at Disneyland, exhaustion has caught up with me so I slept most of the way and so did my poor baby girl who's internal clock was definately still in Malaysian time.

We got into Williams, Arizona quite late in the evening and checked into the Fairfield Inn by Marriot straightaway because it was getting really, really cold but not before getting a photo of the historic Route 66 sign.

The next day, it was off to the Grand Canyon National Park after breakfast. It was freezing but the view was definately breath-taking. I'd have to say not as breath-taking as Yosemite National Park, but it's just of a different sort.

My little baby girl all bundled up because it was really, really cold; she's enjoying her favourite butter animal cracker from Marks & Spencer and behind her is my gigantic diaper bag with a little bit of Disneyland sticking out of it.