November 18, 2011

25th - 27th oct: disneyland!

25th October: Los Angeles to Anaheim

Finally! The one leg of the entire trip I was looking forward to ... Disneyland! I cannot believe I am finally going to Disneyland and the original one at that. The drive from Los Angeles to Anaheim was quite uneventful. Uneventful meaning other than my hubby and FIL who was wide awake, everyone else in the backseat was snoozing away ... hubby blames that on the Toyota Sienna entirely.

We were booked for 2 nights at the Grand Californian Resort & Spa. I splurged for this and so splurged I did ... it's Disneyland!! The drive to the guarded entrance was nothing extraordinary ... was asked for our name and resort confirmation number. No more than a minute later, we were handed a green piece of paper with my name on it which we could place in our car for complimentary parking. Coolness #1.

Then we drove up to the main entrance of the resort. Nothing extraordinary there too and no, I'm not being difficult but it truly was nothing extraordinary. Perhaps I was half expecting life sizes statues of Mickey and his pals but all I got was some valets and a revolving door into the resort. OK. I'm expecting too much with the life size status ... cheesy even. Fine. 

Anyhow, I jumped out of our comfortable minivan to check-us in while MIL got the baby out, FIL got the luggage out and hubby went to park our minivan.

The main entrance into the Grand Californian Resort & Spa.

Then when I walked through the revolving doors ... this hit me.

The check-in counters at the lobby ... coolness #2. Checking-in was an absolutely breeze! The staff was super, super nice and accomodating. Each adult guest was given our very own room key/charge card, "First Time at Disneyland" badges and a welcoming envelope with everything we would want to know about Disneyland. Coolness #3.

The huge fireplace in front of the check-in counters ... coolness #4.

How our room looked like, minus the teddy bear.
I "borrowed" this off Google.

The view of the rest of the hotel from the balcony of our room. I was asked what view I'd like to have and was recommended I take this much more subdued view because we had baby with us. Any other views was facing the Disney California Adventure Park, and baby would have a tough time sleeping. No need to reconvince me there since most of us (with the exception of hubby since he had a two week head start) was still suffering from jetlag.

A close up of our room key/charge card with our names printed on it. We would be able to use it anywhere in Disneyland for food or merchandise.

After setting down our bags and freshening baby up, it was dinner time so we took a walk in Downtown Disney which was a quick 10 minute walk from our room; another reason why I picked The Grand Californian. It was almost Halloween so Disneyland was all decked and prettied up in lights; something Adrianna thoroughly enjoyed. I suppose it's because she's at that "I love twinkly lights!" phase.

While on the way to dinner, Adrianna spotted some balloons and wanted some. Not wanting to disappoint my little girl, I casually walked into one of the many gift shops in Downtown Disney and asked the girl behind the counter if there were any balloons for sale. She asked me who they were for and I told her it was for my two year little girl. She smiled and told me to wait while she checked and within 5 minutes, she came back with not one but 3 balloons and a huge envelope with a photo of Mickey and Minnie, autographed by them both ... for free! How awesome is that?!

After dinner, we spotted this hanging on our room door. Disneyland balloons! Totally made Adrianna's first night at Disneyland.

While another autographed photo, this time of the gang made my first night at Disneyland. Definately something to go up on in my little girl's room back home ... when it's done.

26th October: Disneyland! Disneyland! Disneyland!

For breakfast the next morning before a day at Disneyland, we decided to have it at the Storyteller's Cafe.

Mickey Mouse waffles!

Adrianna enjoying her breakfast.

Adrianna was still a wee scared of the characters but our server was super nice and helped her get acquainted. This would probably be the one and only photo of Adrianna not freaking out when standing so close to any Disney character.

Just before entering Disneyland. Super excited!

It was almost Halloween when we visited Disneyland and Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins were every where. In fact, they were having their Halloween Party right after so we got kicked out by 6pm.

A huge ... and I mean huge turkey leg hubby gobbled for lunch. On his own.

An exhausted baby with an equally exhausted mama. But who cares, we're on the Mark Twain steamer, in Disneyland! I seriously think they voodoo the theme park or I'd be super cranky right about now because it was not a cool day either.

A very happy toddler with her very one original Mickey Mouse plushie direct from Disneyland. Now, how many toddlers can boast to that? *Proud mama in the house!*

Erm. Mickey's laundry. Of course I had to take a photo. It's Mickey's laundry!

Yes. My daughter had to go pinch Mickey's nose just to check it was a real nose. Mickey's probably rolling his eyes and mumbling. "Tourists!" under his breath.

Waiting for the Let's Celebrate Street Parade to begin.

I couldn't get tickets for the World of Colors show but the concierge recommended we watched it from the 8th floor of the Grand Californian so we braved the cold and had quite a spectacular show from there, for free. We couldn't really see the pictures in the water clearly but it was still better than missing it entirely.

27th October: Still in Disneyland!

Breakfast with hubby and baby girl at the Storyteller's Cafe since hubby missed breakfast the morning before. The inlaws decided to try something else instead.

The huge collection of teddy bears in the Build-A-Bear workshop. I chose the dark brown teddy bear in the corner right because it was a limited edition teddy bear exclusive to Downtown Disney.

A very happy mama with a custom-made Downtown Disney teddy bear for Adrianna. Mission accomplished!