November 9, 2011

18th oct: san francisco

1th October 2010.

After resting up a day in Fremont, we started the next morning bright and early and hubby took the wheel, armed with our rental's GPS and drove on the wrong side of the road all the way to San Francisco.

Our journey the next day took us across the Oakland bridge to San Francisco. From here, we could see the bay area and it was gorgeous. I couldn't get a photo because we were in a moving car going at about 40-50 miles an hour across the bridge.

We parked at Portsmouth Square Plaza Garage in Chinatown for the day because parking around the city was ridiculously expensive. Hubby had parked here before when he was here for business a few months back.

Then it was foot work around Chinatown all the way to Union Square.

One for the album of daddy and Adrianna somewhere in Chinatown.

My baby girl enjoying her run around Union Square while Mommy looked on.

Getting some rest after almost an hour of wandering around. Adrianna's lips were dry because of the cold and dry weather but she wouldn't let me apply lip balm on her. This is a typical expression whenever I attempted to. 

GAP's flagship store in San Francisco. It's located right infront of the cable car station we were taking to go to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch.

Our cable car tickets. Adrianna travelled for free, perks of being less than two years old.

The infamous San Francisco cable cars from the Powel & Mason Station.

The view from the cable car as we headed towards Fisherman's Wharf.
And if you look to the left of the photo, you can almost make Alcatraz out.

At Fisherman's Wharf, hungry and ready for some chow.

We didn't really walk around much before settling in at Alioto's Waterside Cafe for some San Franciscan tourist comfort food.

The sourdough bread basket.

The must have clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.
Absolutely delicious!

FIL's lobster platter that came in a bucket.

My seafood platter. It was huge.

After a filling lunch, we headed back to the garage to pick up our car and head towards Lombard Street, take a drive to the Fort Point for a better view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The view up Lombard Street. I had to literally jump out of the car to snap this shot then jump back into the car all within 30 seconds.

Hubby and I with the infamous Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

On our way to the Golden Gate Bridge lookout at Fort Point. 

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.

After the bridge, we headed back to Fremont as it was getting late. I'd love to have stopped by Sausolito but it was getting dark, baby girl was exhausted and we were on a schedule so hubby suggested to skip it. But the next time we're in San Franscisco, we'll definately be headed to Sausolito for the day.

Next up, get ready for an extremely long post bombarded with photos of the most beautiful place on planet earth ... at least according to me it is; Yosemite National Park!

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