November 8, 2011

17th oct: fremont

17th October 2010.

Since the local time in San Francisco is about a day behind compared to where we were from, I decided to blog using the local time there. So, our journey in the US of A begins on 16th October 2010 from Fremont.

We spent the night resting up at Uncle Bob & Aunty May's house in Fremont and the next morning, we woke up bright and early, got ready and headed off to breakfast and the farmer's market nearby. We bought a whole load of fresh fruits and thoroughly enjoyed them for lunch.

We didn't do much that day because we were all suffering from jet-lag; baby included. After the farmer's market, hubby took me to a local mall to buy a jacket because I didn't have one and later before dinner, we collected our rental from Hertz.

Pretty much our first day.

Mommy and baby at the Fremont Farmer's Market after a huge American breakfast across the street.

Yummy strawberries and raspberries on sale.

Adrianna's first encounter with pumpkins at a local grocer near Uncle Bob & Aunty May's house. Some of these pumpkins were as big as her head. She thought they were balls.

Dinner at Dino's, my inlaw's first American diner experience.

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