October 15, 2011

preparing for the big usa trip

It's exactly a year today since I took 5 weeks of unpaid leave from work and then took a 3 hour bus ride from Ipoh to KLIA; flew 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, transitted for 2 hours at HKIA and flew another 14 hours from Hong Kong to San Franciso. That's a total of 21 hours of travelling with a 16 month old toddler from a warm tropical country to 14° Celcius weather!

I was exhausted by the time we arrived at San Franscisco but was super excited to start our journey after 6 months of planning! Look out November, because it's going to be all about our journey from the west to the east of Uncle Sam's territory.

October 7, 2011

a very benefit-ial weekend

Last weekend, two going-to-be-ex-colleagues; SF and TW decided to spend a weekend of pigging out and shop oogling in KL. They haven't been to Jogoya too so after hearing me rave about it endlessly and shamelessly, we decided to booked a room at The Farenheight, boarded a bus and headed for the city center.

Our first stop, Petaling Street. SF and I didn't feel like shopping much due to the heat but TW bought something and was super happy about it.

A weirdly named drink but who the heck cares. It comes with ice cubes!!

Sephora was definately an eye-opener for both the girls and I managed to convert them into lusting perfumaholics especially after Lancome's new Tresor In Love fragrance. We decided to stop by Pavilion since our dinner reservation doesn't start until 6pm and there they fell in love in Anna Sui's Secret Wish and I had a Benefit haul ... Then it was off to Jogoya at Starhill for a pigging out session.

My Benefit haul plus freebies *happy!*.

October 1, 2011

finally! ♥

I have been trying to blog for the longest time but time hasn't been on my side the last two years what with a full-time job, getting married, getting pregnant and now bringing up my little baby girl who is the absolute center of my world.

Adrianna is now two and a half years old and with a change in my career for the better, I've finally managed to find some spare time for some "me time" {grins!}.

So here's to my first of hopefully many more blog posts to come.

p.s.: I am absolutely digging the new Blogger templates. It's awesome!

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