April 14, 2012

my first fancy cupcake attempt

A year ago today I attempted my first cupcake with fancy icing piped on top and fondant ladybugs for a party my dearest husband was throwing for his colleagues ... soon to be ex-colleagues since he's thrown in his resignation letter a few weeks ago.

I cheated with this batch of cupcakes and used store bought butter cake mix. I sucked at baking cakes then {still do now} and the negative comments I've received from "some parties" {instead of supportive ones} have sort of thwarted any attempt in improving my baking from scratch style. I think I'll need a few more months or years of recovery.

The icing was made from scratch after reviewing various and I do mean a lot of various recipes and I decided on a simple green mint frosting because I was itching to a garden themed batch of cupcakes. Mixing the colors on the icing was easy with Wilton's gel paste but to get the colours just right on the fondant ladybug was murder especially trying to knead the colours in in our ridiculously warm and humid weather.

However, my dearest husband was very impressed and so were his colleague so there's a silver lining at the end of this baking adventure of mine. If I can say so myself, my first batch turned out pretty nicely even for store bought cake mix *cough! cough!*.