December 28, 2011

getting ready for 2012 birthdays

With just a couple of more days left in 2012 and one of my new year resolutions being, "#29: thou shall remember birthdays of friends", this whimsical printable birthday find was perfect to start me off.

Image from Elephant Shoe
You can download the beautiful tags { here! }

December 26, 2011

baby and bubbles

Adrianna ♥ bubbles. She literally squeals in delight whenever she sees bubbles. When I saw this on Elephant Shoe, I knew I had to somehow incorporate it into a little BBQ party I hope I can convince hubby to throw this Chinese New Year for the family. 

Except for the bottles which might be a tad challenging to find and will probably cost a bomb if I do find them, all the other ingredients are relatively easy to find. 

Now, where is that hubby of mine ...

Image from Elephant Shoe.
Click { here } to read the whole post plus instructions.

December 25, 2011

merry christmas {♥!}

Merry Christmas, everyone!

December 23, 2011

gingerbread crayon

Day 5 of missing my little baby girl but I also hope she's enjoying herself and have lots of stories to tell and photos to show when she comes home in a little less than a week, in time for New Years.

So to make up for Christmas, I've been planning out a few DIY projects based around her current favourite things; one of which are crayons. Baby isn't nuts about crayons but she to draw and since her collection of brand new colourful rayons have now turned into broken little bits and pieces, I decided to surprise her with a little project I found based off Torie Jayne's gingerbread crayon which she made as part of her stocking fillers. 

Image from Torie Jayne

Here's what you need and check out the instructions { here }.
# an oven - checked!
# crayons - checked!
# a mould - and off the supply shop I shall go after work today ...

Check out another alternative method of making your own customized shaped crayons from Simply Notable!

salt dought ornaments

Oh gosh! These are too awesome to not attempt when my little girl comes back from her Christmas holiday next week. I think I'll go with her favourite; teddy bears since she adores them and she'll probably have a whale of time helping me cut the shape out and stamping it (and probably flattening the dough to incomprehensible shapes, but as long as she's happy).

Check out the original salt dough ornaments from Design Editor and you can find the recipe and instructions { here }.

December 22, 2011

super simple air freshener

Every year I spend a small fortune trying to get my house smelling nice and welcoming and today, I found out I could have actually bought myself a brand spanking new Gucci bag for Christmas this year because I already had all the ingredients I needed to make my very own air freshener and it looks a million times better than the ones I bought. Talk about being ripped off!

Thanks to Craft Gawker who lead me to a particular { post } in The Burlap Bag. Turned out all I needed was:

# a container; I chose an empty glass jam jar because I had tons of those lying around.
# baking soda.
# essential oil; I absolutely  mint and it's absolutely perfect for the holiday season.
# aluminium foil.

You can see how it's all put together { here }. I  it when I open the door and the scent of peppermint fills the entire house. Yup, it's that potent!

December 19, 2011

meet claw. he's made of paper.

I'm home and I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself since Adrianna is now officially on a two week long vacation with the grandparents. My entire life have revolved around her the last 2 years, now that I finally have some time to myself, I am utterly lost. I could chill out in front of the telly but I decided to jump online and drool at more Christmas DIY, only today I stumbled upon Claw by Carlos Araujo from Silbach Station.

Originally created for the now no-more popular paper toy series called Speakerdog, Claw is super cute and definitely office desktop drool worthy; which is where this little fellow will be sitting on ... once I get a hang and carefully maneuver around those tricky edges with my scissors because I am one of the few who cannot cut a proper straight line even with the sharpest of scissors. 

Download Claw { here }. Be sure to download Buck Tooth too!
Image from Carlos Araujo.

December 17, 2011

striped paper ornaments

It's difficult getting pretty Christmas ornaments nowadays. "Messr. Quality" and "Messr. Affordable" haven't been getting along lately either so I decided to embark on wallet friendly tree decoration style this year (that and the fact that hubby accidentally gave away our box of last year's Christmas ornaments while clearing out the store).

Image from How About Orange

How About Orange's posted a really simple to do and absolutely gorgeous striped paper ornament which I . Perfect since I had some Swarovski crystals I bought a few years back but never used and left over scrap-booking paper from a previous project. Here are the {instructions}. Have fun!

December 16, 2011

paper toys {♥!}

I stumbled on Paper Toys by Pan Di Stelle while looking for Christmas decoration ideas. It's an Italian website which features the cutest paper toys that you can download in .pdf format, print at home, cut, paste and create magical adventures with. 

Have fun! 

Click {here} to go to download page. You might need Google Translate because the website is in Italian.
Images from Pan Di Stelle.

December 13, 2011

not your typical gingerbread house

It’s Monday night and it’s late but I’m not sleep yet so off I went clicking away looking for more Christmasy inspiration and then I stumbled onto this via Craft Gawker.

It’s Not Martha’s tiny gingerbread house perfectly perched on the edge of your mug. It absolutely kicks my “hot chocolate and marshmallow in a mug” drink anytime.

Image from Not Martha.
Get the recipe and instructions { here }.

December 12, 2011

the baby and christmas spices

This will be Adrianna's second Christmas and I wanted to start a little Christmas tradition with her; decorating the Christmas tree together. The Christmas tree was up and the lights were all strung but the ornaments have somehow mysteriously gone missing except for a set of hand crafted Disney characters all decked out in their Christmas best we bought from Disneyland Anaheim last year. 

So I got my jar of cinnamon and star anise out of the fridge, brought the ribbons and tube of glue out from my crafty drawers, got comfortable in front of the television and as predicted, Adrianna came running over with teddy in tow. Naturally curious (and all toddlers are), Adrianna started with her barrage of questions. So I sat her down, told her that our Christmas tree is feeling a little lonely so we were going dress it up, make it smell nice and yummy and her face lit up.

Here's how we made our cinnamon and star anise Christmas ornament:
  1. Pick out two to three sticks of cinnamon and one star anise.
  2. Glue the cinnamon sticks together and wait for the glue to set.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 15" long, place the glued cinnamon sticks on the center and tie a reef knot. You can opt for a longer of shorter ribbon but since the ribbon I used was about 1" wide, I figured 15" was the perfect length for my 4' tree.
  4. Glue the star anise to the side of the reef knot so when you hang the ornament, the star anise will be front facing instead of upward facing.
  5. Knot the ends of the ribbons together and your spiced christmas ornament is all set to be hung off the branches of your Christmas tree.

December 11, 2011

free printable christmas labels

Everyone  freebies and with Christmas coming around in two weeks, I figured today was as good as time as any to do a little online stalking for cards, labels and tags since baby is asleep. It's been four hours since I started ... my hands are still glued to the mouse and my eyeballs to the monitor (and Little å  is still snoring away in her baby bed).

Since we're in the season of giving and sharing, here's my list of my favorite drool worthy Christmasy DIYs I managed to find this year.

Check out the matching Christmas wrapping papers too!

December 9, 2011

bird crazy

Adrianna is only two but she ♥ Angry Birds ... a lot. Me, not so much but I do these cute paper owls from 3 Eyed Bear. My first attempt was a little lime green owl named Howlie whom I believe was the original owl from 3 Eyed Bear. Takes a while to get around the corners and gluing it in place but they're just too cute to just stop at one. 

I'm currently maneuvering my way around Bubblegum ... and perhaps Charlie next. Then there's Owly, Otus, Hoothoot!, Red, Tunkuruchu, Shelbey, Lowly, Orly, Sophia, Brady and finally Octavia. I'm hoping to get the full set done and have it ready in time for Little å's room reveal, but I think I have plenty of time since hubby has yet to start doing anything to Little å's new dig.

Bet Harry Potter's jealous now!

Click { here } to download the nocturnal family.

November 28, 2011

breakfast at kong heng

We've frequented Kopitiam for breakfast for the longest time so hubby decided it was time we went back to the original kopitiam for breakfast - Kong Heng in Ipoh's old town.

Hubby's usual breakfast drink ... iced white coffee.

Kong Heng's signature custard, although I have to admit ... it tastes a tad different.

Bubs wanted her "brown noodles" so brown noodles she got. Literally.
At least she finished them.

Admittedly, I only come to Kong Heng for this. Satay!

Yummy thick satay sauce, although it's not as good as when it was cooked by the original chef - the dad who no longer mends the stall anymore.

"Kai See Hor Fun" or a direct translation of chicken strip noodled.
Just try not to see look at the chopping board and you'll be fine

Bubs enjoying her fishball - she's in a fishball phase at the moment. Papa tried to get her to eat some tofu and some fried lobak but to no avail ... tofu it shall be then, and her brown noodles.

What's breakfast without a little drama; something that happens frequently according to a friend of mine who frequents the place ... employer and employee in a heated argument only this time over order queues. Quite enjoyable although I wish we weren't seated so near - we were right next to them. Luckily there were no waving of cleavers and such or kung fu moves.

November 20, 2011

27th - 29th oct: anaheim to williams

After Disneyland, I felt like anywhere else we went just could not compare but we did have a schedule and we were going to some of the most beautiful places on earth that many could only see on the telly while we on the other hand was going to see it with our very own eyes.

So after literally building a bear for Adrianna at the two-storey furry frenzy that is Downtown Disney's Build-A-Bear Workshop, all of us piled into our trusty Toyota Sienna and made a bee line for the Grand Canyon National Park. The drive again was unevently because yours truly was still jet-lagged and after the two-day high at Disneyland, exhaustion has caught up with me so I slept most of the way and so did my poor baby girl who's internal clock was definately still in Malaysian time.

We got into Williams, Arizona quite late in the evening and checked into the Fairfield Inn by Marriot straightaway because it was getting really, really cold but not before getting a photo of the historic Route 66 sign.

The next day, it was off to the Grand Canyon National Park after breakfast. It was freezing but the view was definately breath-taking. I'd have to say not as breath-taking as Yosemite National Park, but it's just of a different sort.

My little baby girl all bundled up because it was really, really cold; she's enjoying her favourite butter animal cracker from Marks & Spencer and behind her is my gigantic diaper bag with a little bit of Disneyland sticking out of it.

November 18, 2011

25th - 27th oct: disneyland!

25th October: Los Angeles to Anaheim

Finally! The one leg of the entire trip I was looking forward to ... Disneyland! I cannot believe I am finally going to Disneyland and the original one at that. The drive from Los Angeles to Anaheim was quite uneventful. Uneventful meaning other than my hubby and FIL who was wide awake, everyone else in the backseat was snoozing away ... hubby blames that on the Toyota Sienna entirely.

We were booked for 2 nights at the Grand Californian Resort & Spa. I splurged for this and so splurged I did ... it's Disneyland!! The drive to the guarded entrance was nothing extraordinary ... was asked for our name and resort confirmation number. No more than a minute later, we were handed a green piece of paper with my name on it which we could place in our car for complimentary parking. Coolness #1.

Then we drove up to the main entrance of the resort. Nothing extraordinary there too and no, I'm not being difficult but it truly was nothing extraordinary. Perhaps I was half expecting life sizes statues of Mickey and his pals but all I got was some valets and a revolving door into the resort. OK. I'm expecting too much with the life size status ... cheesy even. Fine. 

Anyhow, I jumped out of our comfortable minivan to check-us in while MIL got the baby out, FIL got the luggage out and hubby went to park our minivan.

The main entrance into the Grand Californian Resort & Spa.

Then when I walked through the revolving doors ... this hit me.

The check-in counters at the lobby ... coolness #2. Checking-in was an absolutely breeze! The staff was super, super nice and accomodating. Each adult guest was given our very own room key/charge card, "First Time at Disneyland" badges and a welcoming envelope with everything we would want to know about Disneyland. Coolness #3.

The huge fireplace in front of the check-in counters ... coolness #4.

How our room looked like, minus the teddy bear.
I "borrowed" this off Google.

The view of the rest of the hotel from the balcony of our room. I was asked what view I'd like to have and was recommended I take this much more subdued view because we had baby with us. Any other views was facing the Disney California Adventure Park, and baby would have a tough time sleeping. No need to reconvince me there since most of us (with the exception of hubby since he had a two week head start) was still suffering from jetlag.

November 15, 2011

24th - 25th oct: los angeles

Personally, I think Los Angeles as a tourist destination is a tad hyped up. It's more of a playground for the super rich and famous and for poor tourists like me, I think I could skip this destination all together and not really feel a pinch, but that's just me.

We arrived quite late in Los Angeles and got a little lost locating the Hollywood sign. Then it was off to the hotel and the night passed by rather uneventfully.

The next morning, we woke up early and checked-out because we only planned to spend half a day on the city tour busses before driving about an hour and a half away to Anaheim ... Disneyland! The highlight of my entire trip but I'll leave that to the next post.

Here are some photos I took when in Los Angeles. Like I said, it was ok.

Introducing the lil' munchking to Louis Vuitton early.

An early taste of Disney in Los Angeles.

Of course we had to pose in front of the Kodak Theater.

... And in front of Mann's Chinese Theater.

On the city tour bus.

Got some lunch and posed with some Halloween decorations at a farmer's market.

Got some hotsauce for FIL since he's claiming bragging rights in the family to being able to take spiciness.

And some retail therapy at Baby Gap before heading back to the car and off to meet ...

At the happiest place on planet earth *grin!*

signature jpeg

signature jpeg